‘City Cup’ a good idea

I’m writing regarding Mr. Poe’s Jan. 2 article on the Parkersburg City Cup. I think this is a great idea, which could benefit the community, as well as the PHS and South athletic programs. Poe suggested a system where every sport from Parkersburg High and Parkersburg South would compete for points, concluding with an overall athletic champion. He stated it could potentially highlight some lesser-acknowledged sports, along with benefiting both athletic departments by being sponsored by local businesses. I believe this to be true.

Taking Poe’s ideas, I feel there are some ways that the “Battle for Parkersburg” could be even more intriguing and successful. Why not have three separate “rivalry weeks” where PHS and South compete in each of the sporting seasons: fall, winter and spring. I realize this may be difficult to schedule, but I think a “rivalry week” could add intrigue to the City Cup.

I envision a week in September where the golf, cross-country, soccer, volleyball and football teams square off. Then a week in December where swimming, basketball and wrestling take center stage. Finally, a week in April where tennis, crew, softball, baseball and track compete against each other. By having one specific “rivalry week” I believe attendance and awareness by the community could be improved for all sports. The rivalry between PHS and South could be stronger than ever.

Sponsorship for this event would be necessary, but could potentially be great for both schools. All proceeds from businesses could be split evenly between PHS and South, thus improving overall athletic programs. In my opinion, the overall champion could receive the “City Cup” trophy at the following year’s football game. By having an overall competition between PHS and South, I think the community could become even more involved in both schools’ great athletic programs and achievements. I think a true competition, where all sports are involved, would be well received. This could be a great success for our community.

Sam Vincent