Give teachers a break

After reading the “bad kid fort” article I have to say that although I don’t totally agree with the PHS teacher’s decision to place her disruptive/challenged student in a cardboard enclosure – I support her right to go to whatever measures she feels is necessary to maintain order in her classroom.

First of all, I think it was totally uncalled for for the parents in question to place the teacher in a position that is clearly not part of her job description. By the parent’s own admission, their son has emotional problems that require medication, counseling and handling that requires a detailed playbook. Therefore, I have to wonder when these parents were “boo-hooing” and extorting sympathy for their cause on Facebook, did they even consider that their son was not the only child in that classroom that day? Furthermore, by being disruptive he was harming his fellow students and depriving them of their daily dose of education. In my opinion, if these parents think their child needs to be in a setting where his needs come before anyone else’s then I have a suggestion: homeschool him.

Furthermore, teaching their son that because he has a “special condition” that he has the right to expect everyone in the outside world to give him more consideration than anyone else is unrealistic and setting him up for more harm than a mere 15 minutes in a cardboard enclosure could ever do.

Personally, I think we as a society need to give teachers a break. They make little or no money. Their professional support system is more concerned with preventing lawsuits than backing them up – need I go on? I think we need to stop expecting teachers to be mental health professionals, security guards and babysitters and let them get back to the business of teaching – on their own terms.

Tracey Clark