Noir, steampunk mix

A noir setting mixes with steampunk in this supernatural and mystery hybrid in “Doktor Glass” by Thomas Brennan.

Inspector Matthew Langton has never gotten over the death of his wife. A fellow mourner points him in the direction of a spiritualist that may be able to help, but Langton doesn’t know if he believes in that kind of thing. He is given the case of a man found in the river with his face off wearing a Transatlantic Span Company shirt, but the tattoos of a Boer fighter. As he begins to investigate, he finally goes to see the spiritualist who claims that his wife’s soul is in possession of the Jar Boys, mythic boogeymen who steal people’s souls and keep them in jars for wealthy patrons to “experience.” And then he begins to see a link between the Jar Boys and his case. Langton is soon drawn into a seedy underworld, a legendary dealer named Doktor Glass and a conspiracy or two.

I liked the weird blend of genres in this and the gritty noir setting. The steampunk and the supernatural elements come together nicely too.

“Doktor Glass” is published by Ace. It is $15 and 314 pages long.

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