Flu restricts hospital visits

MARIETTA – Because of the high number of flu cases, visitation is limited at Selby General and Marietta Memorial hospitals, officials said Thursday.

Visitation is being limited to two adults per patient in the hospital at any time and no visitors under the age of 12, said Jennifer Offenberger, director of marketing and public relations at Memorial Health System.

People who have a fever, cough, headache, joint aches, feel ill or very tired or have other signs of the flu are asked not to visit patients at the Marietta hospitals, she said.

“We are seeing a larger number of flu cases in our Emergency Departments and in patients being admitted to the hospital,” Offenberger said.

Most people with the mild flu do not need antiviral drugs and can care for themselves at home, she said. Drink plenty of fluids, rest and treat your symptoms with over-the-counter medications, Offenberger said.

The number one way to avoid spreading the flu is to wash your hands, she said.

For those in a high risk group who develop flu symptoms, it’s best to contact your doctor or seek emergency help for symptoms.