Enjoying the polls

Yes, I know this isn’t election season.

However, it’s that time of year again where talk heats up about polls, especially when it comes to boys basketball.

For the past several years, I’ve voted as a member of the Associated Press boys basketball poll.

Before I get into that, I’d like to turn a little attention to the wvmat.com team wrestling polls.

Turning back the clock to 2006, the once-proud wrestling program at Wirt County had fallen upon hard times as the Tigers didn’t even score a point at the state meet. Head coach Kenny Dye, now in his seventh year, is trying to do something accomplished only one other time in school history and that’s win a state crown.

In the latest edition of the polls, all nine coaches who voted gave their nod to the Tigers as the team to beat in Class AA/A. The last time Wirt County won it all was back in 1968 when the Tigers had to compete against the entire state.

I have no clue how this happened when I voted late last Saturday night in the initial AP boys basketball poll, but somehow my Class A votes didn’t compute.

That’s why only nine first-place votes were tabulated in Class A.

I know people around the net are complaining about the voting and homerism.

Technically, at least in the regular dictionary, homerism isn’t a word. However, in the urban dictionary, the word homerism is defined as “in sportscasting, having a bias toward your hometown team or toward the team for which you play/used to play.”

In essence, for sports writers, it’s trying to make the local teams in your area look good by plugging them in the AP poll.

Honestly, I have no clue if that goes on in the voting, but I’d like to think it doesn’t.

As much as I like the people and even some family members in and around Ellenboro, I didn’t put the Ritchie County Rebels in the top 10 of Class AA. Also, as much as I like Fred King at Paden City, the Wildcats didn’t crack my top 10 in Class A either.

Personally, I feel there are only a few teams which could win the Class A state boys crown and my top two contenders are No. 1 Magnolia and No. 2 Tug Valley.

I put Parkersburg Catholic behind Charleston Catholic and placed Buffalo at No. 5.

In the Class AAA poll, my top five happened to be the same as the top five which came out in the poll, but not in the same order. I voted Martinsburg as the top dog followed by Hedgesville.

For Class AA, I honestly had a hard time figuring out spots 6-10, but the top five I voted for were the top five in the first AP poll, but not in the same order. I gave Bluefield the nod at the top and then Scott.

As is always the case, polls mean very little and things will be settled where they should, on the court. Still, it makes for a good debate.

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