Screen for better teachers

There seems to be no shortage of problems with our schools and the education they convey to the students. The TV tells me the math knowledge of the U.S. student is pretty far down on the list. Science seems no better. My personal experience has been that few have communication expertise needed for business.

Maybe the problem is not with the students, but with the teachers and administrators. How much noise would we hear if the SAT test would be given to our teachers? How about if they are given a choice. They can either take the SAT test or a urine screen for drugs. That should be a sort of filter for the tests. The drug free teachers would be the ones likely to score highest on the SAT, and the others the same. Do this on a day that the schools are closed for teacher meetings supposedly intended for the purpose of improving the school system. Or better yet, at one of their union meetings.

Daniel Ned Peters