Safe Schools

As we and others have mentioned, keeping our children safe in school will not be accomplished by banning some types of guns or through any single action. It must be a comprehensive strategy, including steps to make schools more secure.

While the federal government wastes billions of dollars, funding for school security has been slashed under – and at some times at the behest of – President Barack Obama.

In 2009, the White House recommended cutting school security funds, and Congress approved by slashing $184 million. In 2010-11, programs that were to have provided $200 million for school security were not renewed.

Clearly, neither Obama nor majorities of lawmakers in both houses of Congress were very concerned about school security.

States, where the really effective work in keeping schools safe is occurring, should be provided federal money to address the problem.

It shouldn’t require another Newtown, Conn., for Obama and Congress to see that.