Families begin 2013 with new arrivals

PARKERSBURG – Two families celebrated the arrival of their New Year’s babies early Tuesday morning at the Memorial Campus of Camden Clark Medical Center in Parkersburg.

The first to arrive was Isabella Jolea Dickel to parents Kayla Brock and Tommy Dickel, joining sister Addison Jackson, 5, of Parkersburg, at 3:49 a.m.

Brock said the thought of Isabella being born on New Year’s Day did not cross her mind at all.

“I was induced at 8 last night (Monday), so I expected her to come before midnight and it was a long wait,” Brock said. “I really didn’t plan this.”

Less than an hour later, at 4:40 a.m. Tuesday, Casen Amos joined his family – mother Brianna, father Justin, sister Kinley, 2, and brother Brayden, 10, of Marietta.

“We were very surprised he came on New Year’s Day,” said Brianna Amos. “His due date was Jan. 12, so we didn’t expect him now.”

Justin Amos said he was a little worried because his wife’s labor started early on Monday afternoon, but she insisted on having dinner before seeking medical attention.

“She wanted to go to dinner first and then I had to talk her into going to the hospital,” he said. “I’m glad we did.”

“He was panicking a little,” laughed Brianna Amos. “I just wanted to eat and go home.”

The Amos family said with the youngest’s due date so close to the holidays, the thought of him coming early did cross their minds.

“A couple of days ago I did think that he could be born on New Year’s Eve or Day, but then I thought with our luck it wouldn’t happen,” Brianna Amos said.

“Really, I didn’t think the odds were for us,” Justin Amos added. “But I think it is pretty cool that he will always have his birthday off school.”

Brock and Dickel said they look forward to watching their daughter grow up and celebrating the holiday and her birthday at once.

“She will be a good reminder that every year is a good year,” Dickel said.